Karinna Nobbs and Marjorie Hernandez (The Dematerialised) on digital fashion

Karinna Nobbs and Marjorie Hernandez are founders of The Dematerialised. A new marketplace for digital fashion, or as they call themselves a market space. They are pioneering the world of digital style, authenticated by blockchain technology.
June 23, 2021

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In this conversation, Karinna and Marjorie talks about:

The common misconception that digital fashion is solely digital.

Dematerialising a very physical industry.

The amazing possibilities of NFTS when finally understanding them.

Reaching out to fashionistas, gamers, and the crypto community at the same time.

Why good innovation has to be either beautiful or invisible. 

Every piece on The Dematerialised market space should be an NFT to stay unique.

How NFTs can help brands and business to build communities.

How experiencing the ”NFT high” only works when you first purchase something. 

Cover: Photography by Tereza Mundilová for FAZ Magazine and 3D work by Schirin Negahbani and Paola Pinna.