Three AI insights from Beauty Innovation Talks

Observations from our Beauty Innovation Talks at Copenhagen Fashion Week.
February 05, 2024
With Tina Dupont, Adam Engelhardt, and Danielle Watson in Copenhagen last week.

It was a personal pleasure reuniting with Copenhagen Fashion Week. Our ongoing discussion around the state of the fashion week/trade show continued, as my colleague Johan and I scoured the Danish capital for various fashion shows, exhibitions, and of course the big fairgrounds at Bella Center. 

You can listen to our hot takes in our latest podcast interview, link below, but I would like to add my positive experience of the new, bigger CIFF – Copenhagen International Fashion Fairs – which last year merged with competing trade show Revolver. 

The floor had a great vibe, it felt like they had managed to inject the more relaxed and energized feeling of Revolver into the stiffer CIFF. The music was on point, the atmosphere positive. 

Of course, our mission was to infuse a discussion around innovation and technology, and on day 2 we hosted a special VIP session of Beauty Innovation Talks to an engaged crowd. 

It was one of our better sessions so far, and apart from reuniting with our friends from Revieve – the global beauty-tech company from Helsinki, Finland – we had also invited to experts on AI and consumer behavior to the panel. 

The speakers were Danielle Watson, Senior Director Business Development, Revieve; Tina Dupont, Product Director, AI & Robotics, NTT Data; and Adam Engelhardt, CIO of the newly established CertifyAI Institute. 

The conversation felt timely, as the global conversation the past week has circled around the push for regulation around deep fakes and the launch of Apple’s new AR-headset Apple Vision Pro. The full conversation can be heard in the podcast feed in a few weeks, but here are my takeaways from the talk:

• Hyper-personalization is a buzzword to follow. New AI tools will make dumb customer service bots into sophisticated personal shopper avatars. The key insight: we humans respond just as well to digital avatars as to real humans.

• Authenticity will get a new definition in the future. Instead of talking about Deep Fakes, we are going to talk about Deep Reals. How can your brand live in a digitized, AI-powered way, without compromising on your values and tone-of-voice?

• AI will be good for diversity. Combining high-resolution skin scanners with pattern recognition will put a personal cosmologist in every person’s pocket, and it will be tailored specifically to your needs.

Conversations were buzzing at the cocktail we hosted afterwards, in the middle of the beauty exhibition in Hall C. As we continue our industry gatherings back home this week, with Fashion Week Trade and Stockholm Design Week, there will be plenty of insights to share in our feeds and columns in the weeks to come. 


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