”I really like that there’s no such thing as distance in this city, everything is nearby”

On hidden gems in ”the city of parks”
February 05, 2021

Apollonia is Malmö based Marketing & PR professional, currently heading up Hövding’s marketing activation and helping start-ups with PR such as Endbright – Sweden’s first Divorce Planning service. She’s also the co-host of the Millennial podcast ”Off topic” and advocates for women through her role as City Leader for HON Malmö.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Malmö:

There’s so much to be proud of when it comes to Malmö, everything from the lifestyle, culture, food and startup scene. I really like that there’s no such thing as distance in this city, everything is nearby. Copenhagen is literally 45 minutes away. And one more thing – the diversity. The inhabitants of Malmö hold 179 different nationalities and speak more than 150 different languages. 

My favourite weekend routine:

Weekends are all about doing things that boost my energy level. I love starting my weekends with a sweaty workout at the gym followed by brunch or lunch with my girlfriends. It’s better than therapy!

My favourite cultural spot:

Moriska Paviljongen.

My favourite place for dining out:

NAMU – love the mix of the Korean flavours with a Scandinavian touch. A must visit if you’re in Malmö. 

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting:

My go-to place is definitely Beyond Us, and their home-made fika is delicious! 

My favourite breakfast place:

I’m currently obsessed with the American pancakes at jord.


My favourite city escape:

Western Harbour (Västra hamnen) where you get a stunning view of the Öresund bridge — it’s a walk from the city centre. 

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

Charlotte Ljung, who I really admire for her dedication and hard work while balancing family and everyday life. It’s possible to be both successful and kind with a big heart. 

Västra Hamnen. Photo: Werner Nystrand,

My favourite hotel for a staycation:

MJ’s hotel — feels like being abroad. 

My favourite route for a run or walk:

Ribbersborg beach because of the sea view and fresh air. 

My favourite place for fashion:


MJ’s Hotel.

My favourite example of tech innovation in Malmö:

Might be biased but I have to say Hövding. Who would have thought that we would wear helmets around our necks 15 years ago?

The Hövding bike helmet.

My favourite local media:

Lilla Vardag — founded by two locals Zandra and Clara with the aim to contribute to Malmö’s image. They are doing such a great job, and I really appreciate their tips when it comes to fika, restaurants and all the cosy places in Malmö that I normally wouldn’t have explored. 

My favourite thing at home:

Since I love to sleep (and take naps during the days), I’d say my bed from DUX.