SynVillan lets you blend in with nature at Scandinavia’s biggest safari park

Go incognito on the Swedish south coast.
September 02, 2020

SynVillan, which roughly translates to ”optical illusion”, is located in Blekinge in the southeast of Sweden at the hotel and nature reserve Eriksberg. The room that holds up to four people is elevated three meters over the ground and overlooks an archipelago bay, and the eye-catching mirrored facade of the heightened room pays great homage to the surrounding wildlife by simply reflecting it.

Architect Thomas Sandell from the Sandellandsandberg firm designed the project and took inspiration from the region’s traditional residential architecture. The roof is made from reeds and the walls are made out of polished patterned steel for the mirrored effect. The room also features a glass panel on the floor which allows visitors to see bison, deer, sheep, boar, and other animals that roam the nature reserve.