Swedish direct-to-consumer brand Myrqvist presents driving shoe with Audi

Handmade in Portugal from premium suede for both men and women.
May 19, 2022

Since 2016, Myrqvist has challenged the market for dress shoes and classic accessories and, lately, also expanded the sleek range of Goodyear Welted footwear with a strong offering of more leisure silhouettes. Now, following up on recent collabs with The Rake and Swedish architect Thomas Sandell, the brand unveils a new limited-edition, together with Audi.

One of the earliest examples of driving shoes dates back to the 60s, a decade marked by a fascination for fast and expensive cars. As the sole of a traditional shoe was not suitable for driving, a special model was created where the sole consists of a number of rubber studs that extend all the way to the back of the heel. This gives the foot a more stable grip on the mat when resting on the pedal. While the shoe back then was mainly made for driving, it’s now a suitable option for most environments and circumstances. This racing legacy, which is also shared by Audi, made Myrqvist’s decision on what model to create for the capsule an easy one.

— The two brands have a lot in common and creating a driving shoe was a quite natural choice, says Robin Karlsson, chief marketing officer, Myrqvist.