Pontus Djanaieff exhibits colourful ”modern cave paintings”

The multifaceted artist celebrates his new many-sided exhibition on clothes and walls.
December 04, 2020

Stockholm based artist Pontus Djanaieff is a versatile artist, and has worked together with prolific names within the fields of art, design, interior design and entertainment for his 30-year-old career. His latest art exhibition is the ongoing ”Happy to be Here” that right now takes place at Nordiska Galleriet in Stockholm. Characters from Djanaieff’s favourite childhood comic books as well as new age symbols and contemporary lifestyle markers are depicted on wall-hung reliefs, rugs, pillows, caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and embroidered patches.

Djanieff acts like a pop-culture archaeologist, exposing multiple layers of images and impression that us humans stumble upon in our everyday life.

The exhibition is running until January 18 2021, and all fashion pieces and other textile products are available for purchase at Nordiska Galleriet.