Loeva’s new paddleboard is transparent and equipped with LED lights

Why only skim the surface of the paddleboard trend when you can go all in?
December 08, 2020

The art SUPing (stand up paddleboarding) has been a popular leisure activity since the start of this millenium, and Scandinavian’s have taken a keen interest to the workout/travel method over the recent years. If you live in a coastal or waterfront Scandinavian city, you have probably seen paddleboarders cruise the canals and docks on your daily commute. And the same goes with rural settings, archipelagos and beaches are flooded with them.

For the SUP connoisseur, French company Loeva has recently presented the ultimate board of choice. The Le Standup board is shaped like any other board, but it is built up out of shock and scratch-resistant acrylic glass both in the nose and the tail. The see-through parts are held together by an aeronautical carbon structure that keeps the weight down to around 20 kilos.

”But what does it matter for the mostly dark and gloomy Scandinavian waters?” you might ask yourself. Well, Loeva has also equipped the board with two rows of ultra-white LED lights, that you can charge up via the built-in battery. The lights can let you see for as far as 15 metres ahead.

Loeva still has not released clear prices or release dates, but be sure to follow them to not miss out on any updates for the coming spring.