How the fashion and tech communities are supporting Ukraine

Designers, creators, and entrepreneurs are working with charities, statements, and NFTs to stand up against the war.
March 02, 2022

Cph For Ukraine

A group of friends and brands from, or with connection to, Copenhagen have joined forces to use their network to raise funds for humanitarian help needed in Ukraine. The group is collaborating with Danish Red Cross to facilitate all donations.

Giorgio Armani

For his FW22 show during Milan Fashion Week, Hypebae reports that the designer decided to not use any music as a sign of respect to those affected in Ukraine. A voice read a statement from the designer ahead of the show. ”What could I do? I could only signal my heartbeat for the tragedy through the silence. I didn’t want show music. The best thing is to give a signal that we’re not happy, to recognize [that] something disturbing is happening,” he told Vogue after the presentation.

Stand With Ukraine by Felipe Posada.

To support Ukraine, Patrik Arnesson, founder of football app Forza Football, and his NFT platform have initiated a charity, Breakit reports. A special piece by Felipe Posada will be minted up to 43,287,512 editions — one for every Ukrainian citizen — where 100% of the proceeds will go to local charities. If selling the piece, a 10% royalty fee will also go to the charity, forever.

Fredrik Hjelm and Johannes Schildt. Image: LinkedIn.

Build for Europe

A bunch of Swedish tech profiles have joined forces in an initiative called Build for Europe to help startups that want to invest in strengthening and defending ”like-minded democracies” with funding and network. In a LinkedIn post, Fredrik Hjelm (Voi), who’s the initiator together with Mikael Karlsson (MW Group) and Johannes Schildt (Kry), writes that the goal is to ”build abilities so strong that they do not need to be used”. 

”People keep saying ’do something’ and we are. The last week, we sat down with generals (SWE, DK and US), politicians and some of the best and wealthiest entrepreneurs in Europe. / … / We have billions of capital and access to the world’s best engineers, operators and are ready to build. One of the beauties with free democracies is collaboration and that ideas, talent and capital flow freely. Putin and his bandits will be isolated. Let’s use that.”

Maciek Kobielski

The Polish photographer went to Instagram, urging industry players to do their part against the war.

”I do not see much of declarations and commitment here. Are luxury brands and fashion publications suspending their activities, export and collaborations with their subsidiaries based, operated and distributed in Russia? Refusal of participation in productions for Russian titles/magazines and blockade of syndication are effective and immediate measures available for the industry. We need more then prayers, we need action wherever possible right now. / … / I come from Poland, country which was invaded by Germany on 09/01/1939 only to be attacked by Russia on 17/09/1939 from the other side-much less known fact. We know how world’s inaction ended up…”