Powder to liquid wash can change personal care as we know it

”We’re doing what the big personal care brands could have done decades ago but chose not to,” says co-founder Allon Libermann.
September 15, 2021

Libermann describes the startup as a conceptual lab for future-proofing personal care by getting rid of everything you could do without. 

— We’re doing what the big personal care brands could have done decades ago but chose not to. Liquid soap is 60–95 % water and by deciding to not ship water, suddenly you have numerous positive impacts you can make. The result is powder to liquid hand wash delivered in plastic-free paper refills. Refilling takes a minute. Just mix it with hot tap water, he says. 

FORGO is co-founded by the design office Form Us With Love, who’s designed the packaging, made from 90 % post-consumer recycled paper and 10 % from FSC certified sources. 

— We can ship 20 of our refills in the space of one bottle of soap. The bottle was designed from glass and steel to be more of an interior piece for years of use. 

This spring, the brand released a special carbon report, showing that using their refill instead of a new bottle of soap reduces the CO2 emissions by approximately 85 %. 

— And we still have room for improvement. Our glass bottle is a carbon investment, equal in emissions to 11 single-use plastic bottles — approximately a year’s worth of soap bottles. After a year of usage, you are radically reducing your carbon footprint by refilling. We’ve also got a lot planned, including industry firsts, and our subscription service will be up and running soon, Libermann concludes.

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