Swiss Clinic’s new, personalized skincare line launches with digital Beauty Tech Advisor

”It is as close to a skin therapist you can come, but digitally,” says Caroline Winberg, creative director.
June 20, 2022

Winberg (pictured) has worked as a model for 22 years, travelled the world, and hosted TV shows.

— I moved back to Stockholm 3 years ago together with my son, she says. When the pandemic hit, and I couldn’t travel for work any more I started looking at other things to spend my time on since I was stuck in Sweden. 

After a few meetings with Swedish skincare brand Swiss Clinic, she became a part-owner of the company and joined as creative director. 

— After sitting in numerous makeup chairs over the years, I’ve learned that one cream doesn’t work for everyone. Some people have oily skin and some like me have very dry skin. We came up with a system where we have a base cream, and then mix it with whatever booster just your skin needs — our goal is to personalize your skincare, Winberg explains. She continues:

— I also think I need a different cream depending on the weather and where in the world I am. With our new skincare system, you don’t have to buy a brand new cream just because it’s winter. I just add a lot of Hyaluronic Filler+ from our new line to my normal base cream for extra moisture.

— It’s the perfect system not to waste your cream and it’s also good for the wallet since you don’t have to buy new creams all the time, you just boost your already existing skincare routine. 

Swiss Clinic.

How shall the customer know how to mix the products?

— We have invented a Beauty Tech Advisor. It is as close to a skin therapist as you can come, but digitally, which is so helpful for our customers. If you go on our website, you can easily fill in information about your age and where in the world you live and as the last step, you scan your face with the camera on your phone, or on your computer. After only a minute you will get recommendations on what cream and booster your face needs for the moment. 

The Beauty Tech Advisor.

Just the other week, Swiss Clinic also added another product to its range — Hair Serum 2.5%.

— It has become a favourite of mine because it is so easy to use and get into my already exciting routines. We used to have a hair serum before, but in this one, we have increased the active ingredient by 400%(!). And you can also use it if you are a man who wants to stimulate your beard growth, Winberg concludes.