ASKA designs House of Maria Nila for the innovative Swedish hair care brand

The townhouse in central Stockholm has been transformed into a very non-traditional pastel-coloured workspace, office, and beauty hub.
August 11, 2021

On a journey towards what Louise Bjelke, Nordic marketing manager, describes as ”a friendlier beauty industry”, Maria Nila, she states, is not the usual hair care brand. 

— We provide the world with high-quality vegan beauty in climate compensated packaging, formulated and produced in our own factory locally here in Sweden.

Tell us about your new office.

— House of Maria Nila is a space designed to inspire to sustainable beauty concepts on a new level. The townhouse really embodies our values and it enables us to invite collaborators and inspiring creators who want to share our journey. Having ASKA as our partner in the creation of our new home and office was a perfect match for us. They understood our visions and brand values and passionately worked to bring them to life.

To create a dynamic and creative workplace, ASKA’s Madeleine Klingspor and Polina Sandström tell, they included objects from young and innovative creators.

— Those include several tables and the, quite famous, mirror by furniture designer Gustaf Westman, the sign ”I Choose Friendly” designed by LED artist Josefin Eklund, and cafe tables designed by Julia Benon for Folk22, says ASKA duo Madeleine Klingspor and Polina Sandström.

In addition to all the office rooms, the fourth floor and the 600 square meter house consist of social areas, It also includes large conference rooms, lounge areas with fireplaces, an open kitchen, a private backyard, and of course, a hair salon to try the range properly.

— Apart from visually being an innovative and very non-traditional workspace or office, the house is created to be a dynamic space where we freely, and with a very hands-on approach, can work with innovation, whether it may be working with product design in the design studio, product testing in the hair salon or trying out new ways of hosting web-based educations and events with the marketing and education department, Louise Bjelke concludes.

The hair salon