Charlotte Gyllenhammar presents a line of reliefs made of ureol in CFHILL exhibition

The plaster, developed for industrial applications, has been transformed into art pieces for the exhibition in Stockholm.
March 14, 2022

After a long career in art, the Swedish artist presents new works in her latest exhibition, Believe My Eyes, at CFHILL. Gyllenhammar tells how she’s always been fascinated with reliefs and the way they emerge from the surface, and the exhibition features three new ones. They’re made of ureol, a harder, more precise kind of plaster.

— It’s a rock-like material, which has a colour that’s a bit like foie gras. The reliefs were milled, just as would be done with a stone sculpture. It’s interesting to see new technology come into contact with stone carving through a solid material, Gyllenhammar says.

Believe My Eyes is open until Friday.