Edsbyn stresses that adaptable furnishing is key for the modern home office

Students at the University of Gävle present innovative furniture pieces that help keep your work and home environments separate.
February 11, 2021

In collaboration with the Swedish furniture company Edsbyn, design students at the University of Gävle have created a collection of innovative furniture pieces that aim to change how we equip our home-offices.

The collection consists of six well-thought-out pieces, that incorporate different functions. Inspired by a compact-living way of thinking the collection helps to keep your home and work environments separate. 

For many of us, boundaries between work and free time have become blurred when working from home. By creating pieces like Home — the combined dining table and work desk, and Turn — a laptop desk that can be used as a shield from distractions, the designers aspire to make it less challenging when combining these spaces.

With sustainability in mind, the pieces are produced with Biokomposit, a wood-based material that consists of cellulose fibres and biopolymers. Whilst having the same properties as plastic, Biokomposit is a more environmentally friendly alternative since it does not contain any synthetic polymers.

Check out all six pieces and find out more about the collection in its digital exhibition.