66°North and camping gear innovator Heimplanet present durable inflatable tent

Developed and tested to handle all seasons and withstand all weather conditions in the heritage outerwear brand’s home country Iceland.
May 24, 2022

Iceland has a spirit of people living an everyday life connected to nature and meeting challenges with optimism, joy, and humour. Originally founded to provide protective outerwear for fishermen and search and rescue teams in the North Atlantic nearly a century ago, Reykjavik-based outerwear brand 66°North brings clothes aiming to make life and activity possible where there would otherwise be none to the world. 

66°North + Heimplanet.

This season, the label joins forces with Hamburg-based Heimplanet, known for its clean designs and versatile products for exploring the world, presenting the limited-edition The Cave XL 4-Season tent. Developed and tested to handle all seasons in Iceland — a country known for its dramatic weather and temperatures — the tent’s strength comes from its geodesic dome construction with ten crossing points and weatherproof, durable materials that hold up against the wind, snow, and rain. The bright orange colour is inspired by safety shelters in the Icelandic highlands and with just a pump, the tent can be pitched in less than a minute and sleeps 3-4 people.

— Since the beginning, Iceland has always been our reference for heavy tent conditions. Many people have told us that Iceland is the ultimate proving ground for the stability of a tent. Therefore Iceland and its harsh conditions have always been our benchmark and to now take all our experience to build a tent to match the country’s demands is a dream coming true, says Stefan Clauss, co-founder, Heimplanet.

— This is the first time that 66°North has launched a product of this kind and it’s exciting to partner with Heimplanet — a leader in camping gear technology — to offer a tent that meets the needs of many types of explorers, whether you’re a hardcore camper or just looking to spend more time in nature, extreme weather adventurer and renowned landscape photographer Benjamin Hardman, who worked closely with both teams to develop the tent, adds.