3D artist and AR creator Harriet Davey creates avatar-inspired capsule for Weekday

Dreamstate Limited Edition addresses the many avatars of ourselves, as the borders between our physical and virtual worlds are blurred, and 3D and AR technology allow us to extend our personas like never before.
December 02, 2021

Davey is a Berlin-based CGI artist and AR creator known for her shiny, ethereal creatures. She’s active within Digi-Gxl, a community for womxn, intersex, trans folk, and non-binary people specializing in digital design, 3D & XR. Addressing questions like the dysmorphia caused by face filters and the importance of a more inclusive tech sector, her work aims to constantly push the discourse forward.

Her work has influenced Weekday’s design team for their new capsule, dropping today, that pushes beyond the most common 3D presets and software reinforcing traditional beauty standards and explores the idea of avatars and augmented reality filters as self transformative.

The Dreamstate Limited Edition collection includes 17 pieces that have a raw and crafted feel and is influenced by Davey’s work on multiple levels. A chenille set with super flared pants and a tie crop top reminds of a fish scale but is super soft to wear. An otherworldly fake fur coat inspired by Brad Pitt in Fight Club aims to make the wearer feels like a creature instead of a human. Accessories like a harness and a green teddy bag enhance the dream state avatar vibe. Jeans and tees feature prints of Davey’s artwork. 

— When making this collection, everything we did was online. Was it all a dream, are we real online? We talked about what it means to be true to yourself. Being able to dream might be more real or true to yourself than being stuck IRL. AR and 3D can be tools to enhance your Dreamstate, and make dreams come true. Harriet Davey has this special way of blending DNA regardless of gender and species. We wondered about the sensations her beings have, what superpowers they hold, what they feel, what they fear… What do they dream of? Her avatars were muses in our work with the collection. We wanted to make dreamwear for her creatures, garments that were expressive enough to be worn in this dreamstate, Alice Schulman, the responsible designer for womenswear at Weekday, comments.

— Simply, I make fluid ethereal beings that inhabit beautiful worlds. My work is the images I’ve always wanted to create, but never found an accurate way to do until I started using 3D softwares. My beings are all fantasy, but they allow me to explore my identity, fluidity, and gender expression. My online alter ego Whowle is authentically me, just virtual. As a digital artist, it can be difficult to find alternative avenues for your art to be experienced other than through phone screens. I love the opportunity for my work to reach new audiences. There’s also something special about seeing your artwork printed, especially on an unusual texture or surface, says Davey.

Dreamstate Limited Edition also includes an Instagram face filter created by Harriet Davey for Weekday.