Transformation Exhibition 2/11
What is transformation? We reached out to our network of creatives from all around the Nordics and asked them to interpret it. The ­resulting ­editorial is a visual journey through nature, technology, and identity.

Tell us about the team.

Photographer Elisabeth Toll, fashion stylist Ursula Wångander and set designer Niklas Hansen are all based in Stockholm. Wångander is the fashion director of Scandinavian MIND and also works as a model and freelance creative director. Toll’s photography alternates in fashion, portrait and landscape, and Hansen’s work spans over a multitude of styles and expressions. ​There​ is something very beautiful about working with the people you like and trust.

How did you choose to interpret the theme of Transformation in your story?

We thought that the ultimate transformation is one of life to death. One death transforming the life of the deceased, as well as the lives of the remaining family and friends.

Why is this angle/intepretation important right now?

It has had the same importance since the beginning of mankind but the recent pandemic has made us more aware of its constant presence in our lives.

Tell us about the production; where did you shoot and why?

We shot at James & Perra Studios because they were kind enough to have us. Their studio offered us the best conditions for the set build and for fitting a large number of people without having to squeeze in together too tight.

What was the most challenging part about this production?

To make every single person exude a kind of personal loss and affection.

What was the most rewarding part of this production?

That everyone was up for the idea and tried their best to make it work.

What is the most important issue to focus on in the immediate future?

For us to take care of each other to limit further loss of this kind.