transformation in fashion
Film: Transformation by Charli Ljung
What is transformation? We reached out to our network of creatives from all around the Nordics and asked them to interpret it. This team created a feature film to accomplish the photography.

The tenth team from The Transformation Exhibition is curated by stylist Anna Sundelin and photographer Charli Ljung, both based in Sweden.

How did you choose to interpret the theme of Transformation in your story? 

— By looking at it in a multilayered way. Depending on who you ask, transformation can be described as everything from terrifying to vital. Our initial thoughts on transformation were the beauty of the seasons, that we foolishly take for granted, and the footprints we leave as time goes by. 

Why is this angle/interpretation important right now?

— Our interpretation poses questions about nature, time, life and sustainability. There is great freedom in transformation and we wanted to represent the mind that navigates through increasingly rapid transformations every day.

Tell us about the production; where did you shoot and why? 

— We shot this in one of the most stunning parts of the Baltic archipelago. We scouted a field which had an old undercarriage from a truck on it, that had transformed into a beautiful rusty sculpture. Being in nature and by the ocean, you can’t go wrong.

What was the most challenging part of this production? 

— The theme was challenging in the way that it is very complex. So easy but then again not. 

What was the most rewarding part of this production?

— There is nothing more rewarding than to spend a day in nature with some of the most talented people we know, just creating for the love for creating. 

What is the most important issue to focus on in the immediate future?

— That every single person has the responsibility and the ability to listen, learn and adapt. Focus less on promoting your individual efforts, learn who you are and how you contribute to the collective whole.