”The digitalisation of our daily life and the fashion world is significant”
What is transformation? We reached out to our network of creatives from all around the Nordics and asked them to interpret it. This team created a feature film to accomplish the photography.

Fashion photographer turned cinematographer and director Annika Ashberg and stylist Karin Smeds takes help from Kazak designer Ruslim Shegebaev to add an Instagram filter to their feature.

How did you choose to interpret the theme of Transformation in your story? 

— We wanted to work with something that has become quite common to all of us; Instagram filters. We tried out a couple, and then choose the Avatar one that best suited the theme, the styling and the location. We had so much fun!

Why is this angle/interpretation important right now?

— The digitalisation of our daily life and the fashion world is significant. We wanted to comment on this fact with only two images and chose a really clear and direct angle. 

Tell us about the production; where did you shoot and why?

— We had the chance to shoot in the sculpture park on the roof of Sven-Harrys Art Museum. The golden walls added a perfect shine to what we wanted to express. Big ups and thankyou’s to the museum for letting us visit this sunny day.

What was the most challenging part of this production?

— Choosing the filter! Gaaaaah, there were so many cool ones!

What was the most rewarding part of this production?

— The atmosphere on set, when everything is just easy and fun and play. The best kind of days in our opinion.

What is the most important issue to focus on in the immediate future?

— Locally found opportunities.