Joakim Lang on adding screenwriting to his creative repertoire
Actor and screenwriter Joakim Lang captured both in the studio and in the harsh climate on Torö island south of Stockholm.

Lang’s background is in PR within fashion. He recently switched back to where he all started as a teenager — in the film and theatre industry — as a part of a feature film and the tv series Knutby on Swedish national TV, in one of the starring roles.

Tell us about this photoshoot.

— Olov (Karlsson, photographer) and Carl (Wahlin, stylist) had an interesting idea of what kind of project they wanted to do, and I was very happy to join. They wanted to have one shoot in a studio, and another one at location, and use the same outfits and concept. The location was beautiful in the archipelago of Stockholm. It was amazing! he says.

What else do you have coming?

— Finishing up my studies at a school for screenwriters. Since acting is my biggest passion, and I have always been into writing, developing scripts is the perfect combination for me. Besides that, I’m working on some other exciting projects…